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Preparing For Rolling Blackouts: Texas Tips For Your Home Without Electricity

May 11, 2022 | Blog

It feels like the only way we can make it through the summer is with the help of our air conditioners. Without that crisp, cool air to keep us safe and comfortable, our entire day can be thrown off. “The higher average temperatures lead to a higher demand for energy. Which is an issue in growing areas, like the Brazos Valley,” warns KBTX. So what do we do when the risk of blackouts during the summer is high? 

Barker’s Heating & Cooling recommends preparing your home as best you can to be ready for potential losses of power. With no AC and no access to the functions of your home that are powered by electricity, start planning now for alternative cooling methods. Plus, there are some items you can stock up on that will make your blackout experience easier to get through.

Preparing Your House To Face A Blackout

Without your air conditioner constantly circulating air throughout your home, you’ll begin to feel uncomfortable rather quickly. You need to implement some alternative cooling methods in your home to keep the cool air from warming as long as possible.

Install Window Coverings

A bright sunny day outside may look inviting, but sunlight is your biggest enemy during a blackout. Solar heat coming into your windows can warm your air quickly. If you don’t already have curtains or blinds, consider investing in coverings for your windows. Just blocking the sunlight coming in from your windows can make a huge difference. You can even find heat-blocking curtains that are designed to reflect light away from your home.

Make Sure Your Home Is Sealed

Your home should be well sealed on any other day of the year, but it is especially important to seal your home before you need it. During a blackout, you want as much cool air to stay inside your home as possible. This means you need to use some caulk and weather stripping to seal up the cracks around your windows and doors ahead of time.


There are designs for ACs that run on car batteries and other alternate power sources. If you feel handy, you may be able to build a small AC that can help cool small spaces during a blackout. 

Best Survival Items For A Blackout

You don’t want to depend on the usual items in your house during a blackout. Perishable items might not be kept cold for long without a working fridge, your access to water may be limited and  you may need other emergency items.


You never know how long your power will be out. Your availability of water may be limited or lost, and each person in your household needs a gallon of water per day! You should consider stocking up on containers with drinkable water that you can also use for washing and cooling off.


You may not be able to depend on your fridge or freezer food for meals. Make sure you have enough non-perishable foods like canned food, nut butters and protein bars that can hold you over while you wait for power to come back on. 

Additional Survival Items

It’s also a good idea to have a few flashlights ready to use in your home — candles can also be used, but they do create some heat and smoke. A well stocked first aid kit is also essential in case you need to attend to an emergency or injury. 

It’s Time To Get Ready For No Power

You may not expect a blackout to happen, but it’s better to be prepared than to be surprised. Barker’s Heating & Cooling will be here for your pre-blackout advice and any AC repair services you may need after your power is returned. Contact us today for any AC services you need!  

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