Why Are Some Rooms Colder Than Others?

Perhaps you have noticed that some rooms or floors are heated more effectively than others. There can be numerous factors in this, all of which can be dealt with, though some might require the help of a professional.

Airflow Problems

Your problem may be caused by something as simple as a piece of furniture blocking an air vent. Other times, a dirty air filter and a clogged air duct may be preventing warm air from entering a room. You could replace the air filter yourself while leaving the duct cleaning to the experts.

Lack of Insulation

A room may be colder than the others because poor insulation both in the attic space above and in the wall cavities around is letting the warm air escape at a faster rate than elsewhere. A technician could tell you whether you need to add more insulation or upgrade to a type with a higher R-value.

Leaks in Ductwork

Air may be leaking out through a gap in the ductwork (most likely near the joints and fittings). In that case, you can look to Barker's Heating & Cooling for professional air duct sealing and modifications in College Station, TX. We can even fabricate new ductwork if needed.

Undersized Unit

A heating unit must be the right size for your property; if it’s too small, it will heat poorly and also raise your utility bills. Usually, a technician will determine a good size before presenting you with options for a new system.

Lack of Maintenance

Heating units, whether packaged systems, heat pumps, or furnaces, need regular maintenance. A tune-up can eliminate any problems that keep a unit from heating efficiently, and it may even cover tasks like filter replacement.

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