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7 DIY Thermostat Installation Mistakes

While there is no replacement for professional thermostat installation, the thermostat in your home is a fairly simple device and can generally be worked on by the average homeowner. While we may make our business on doing the heating and air conditioning work for you, Barker’s Heating & Cooling wants our customers to have access to all of the knowledge and resources needed to make the most informed decisions regarding their heating and cooling systems.

We know that a loyal customer base is built on a foundation of trust — that’s why we want to provide our customers with information that will allow them to save money when possible, but remind them of the advantages of professional advice!

Most Common DIY Thermostat Installation Mistakes

Improper Wiring

This is probably the most common mistake with installing or replacing a thermostat. Most systems follow the same color-coded system and are fairly easy to install. However, it’s still important to be very careful that you are installing the right wire to the right connection. Failing to put wires in their proper locations can lead to blown fuses, haphazard functions or the unit failing to function at all.

Failing To Turn The Power Off

Even though thermostats are fairly low-power devices, it’s important to fully turn off the power in the part of the home associated with the thermostat being replaced. Not only can failing to turn the power off be dangerous, but it can also create situations that could potentially cause damage to your system.

Bad Mounting

Like anything wall-mounted, your thermostat must be properly secured to your wall. In ideal scenarios, your thermostat will be close enough to a stud to be mounted to it. However, in instances when a stud isn’t near, a set of screw-driven wall anchors are usually more than sufficient to provide reliable anchors for your thermostat.

The Wall Is Eating Your Wires

Generally, the wires that connect to your thermostat are fairly short. It’s important to secure your wires as you disconnect them from your thermostat to ensure that they don’t fall back into the wall. Otherwise, your simple installation job will turn into a much larger endeavor with the added hassle of having to fish wires out of the wall.

Not Using Fresh Wire Connections

While it may seem reasonable to insert the parts of wire that were installed in your last thermostat, you must take the time to cut off the old connections and strip enough wire rubber to properly expose a new connection. The old connections can be corroded in ways that are hard to notice, and using them could cause issues with the function of your cooling and heating system later down the road.

Failing To Check Every Heating And Cooling System Function

After you install your new thermostat, it’s important that you fully check every function of the unit. Only taking the time to test the heater while installing a thermostat during the winter can lead to unnoticed issues later down the line when you need your AC.

Stripping Wires Too Much

Just as it’s important that you take the time to create new connections, it’s equally important that you only strip as much wire rubber as needed when cutting your wires. Stripping too much rubber can cause your wires to touch, which will cause fuses to blow and your system to stop working.

When To Call A Professional For Thermostat Services

While DIY thermostat work is fairly simple and can be done with a little bit of knowledge and a few common tools, here are problems that will always be best addressed by a qualified professional. Three common scenarios are best addressed with the help of a trained technician like the ones here at Barker’s. It’s best to contact a professional when you are:

  • Upgrading from a mechanical thermostat.
  • Upgrading from a non-programable to a programable thermostat.
  • Changing the locations of your thermostat mount.

Each of these circumstances involves specialized processes that are best left to the pros. Upgrading from the outdated technology of a mechanical unit or nailing the proper setup for a programable unit can be complicated and one of our technicians will be more than happy to help you out.

Should You Replace your Thermostat At The Same Time As Your AC?

This is another question we are commonly getting from our customers seeking thermostat help, and the short answer is yes. Thermostats can be finicky, and it’s always the simple option to replace the thermostat at the same time as you replace your entire system.

Barker’s Heating & Cooling Are The Thermostat Pros You’ve Been Looking For

If you need anything heating and cooling related, whether it’s comprehensive, like the replacement of an entire system, or simple, like advice about your new thermostat, don’t hesitate to call us today! We are committed to being the obvious cooling and heating authorities with the answers you need.

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