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What is Included in AC Maintenance?

March 16, 2021 | Blog

Is it time for your annual AC maintenance? Have you just bought a home and want to get your system checked out? Either way, scheduling an AC maintenance appointment is important to ensure your system is running smoothly and help prevent issues that may occur later. Here is what you can expect your technician to perform during the inspection and cleaning.


During your AC tune-up, the technician will clean the air filters and condensate lines in your home. Air filters are important to either have cleaned or changed because they filter the air coming out to your house. If they are left unchanged, dirt, mold and other fibers can build up causing your air to be low quality.

Similarly, cleaning your condensate line will get rid of any mold or bacteria in your drain line. If your line gets clogged, then it could cause water leaks and other moisture issues. Having this annual cleaning is good preventative maintenance to ensure the proper function of the line.

Thermostat and system control check

When the technician checks your thermostat, they will be calibrating it and ensuring the installation is correct. They will also be checking the overall system control to make sure it is running the cycles properly and safely. This will make sure it turns on and off along with running a regular cycle properly.

Electrical connections

An important element to be checked is if the electrical connections of the system are tightened and functioning correctly. This step is key because it will help you avoid potential electrical hazards in your home caused by faulty connections. It will also keep the lifespan of your system in greater shape.

Moving parts check

If the moving parts in your AC systems are not lubricated properly, extra friction can be caused that will break down the elements quickly. Making sure they are lubricated enough will help prevent the need for unnecessary repairs or part replacement.

Why is the annual tune-up important?

While you can get in the habit of checking in on your AC system by yourself, such as changing the air filters, it is still important to have a licensed professional like Barker’s Heating and Cooling to check your system at least once a year.

A licensed professional will know how to keep your home’s AC system up to code, greater detail of how the systems can be best running and other ways to ensure your home is safe. Overall, for a short appointment in your day, it will be worthwhile preventative maintenance for your AC system.

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