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7 AC Troubleshooting Tips

July 14, 2023 | Blog

When your air conditioner is malfunctioning, your first reaction may be to panic and immediately schedule a repair service. While we love helping our College Station customers at Barker’s Heating & Cooling, we would love even more to help save you time.

Fortunately, you can resolve many common AC problems yourself. Read on to learn seven helpful tips for troubleshooting your cooling system. If your unit’s issues are beyond a do-it-yourself fix, make sure to reach out to our team to book an appointment!

Common AC Problems

Here in College Station, we don’t take summers lightly. Often, our customers reach out to us when their air conditioners aren’t keeping them cool – during the months they need them the most! Some common AC problems that you may encounter include:

  • AC not cooling
  • AC not turning on
  • Airflow issues
  • Strange noises
  • Water leaks
  • Foul odors
  • AC cycling frequently
  • Frozen evaporator coil

How To Troubleshoot Common AC Problems Before Calling A Technician

Here are seven troubleshooting techniques that you can try before calling a technician:

1. Check The Circuit Breaker

Make sure the circuit breaker for your HVAC system has not tripped. Sometimes a power surge or electrical issue can cause the breaker to trip, cutting off power to the system.

2. Verify The Thermostat Settings

Ensure that the thermostat is set to the correct temperature and mode (cooling or heating). Confirm that the thermostat’s batteries, if applicable, are not dead. Adjust the temperature settings to see if that makes any difference.

3. Clean Or Replace The Air Filter

A clogged or dirty air filter can restrict airflow and affect the system’s performance. Check the air filter and clean or replace it (depending on the style) if it appears dirty or clogged. This simple step often resolves issues related to inadequate cooling or heating.

4. Examine The Condenser Unit

Take a look at the outdoor condenser unit. Ensure that debris, such as leaves, dirt or long grass isn’t obstructing the condenser unit. Clean any visible dirt or debris, as it can hinder the system’s efficiency. Check the evaporator coils for ice buildup. If they are frozen, it indicates a potential problem.

5. Inspect The Air Vents And Registers

Ensure that your home’s air vents and registers are open and unobstructed. Closed or blocked vents can disrupt proper airflow and impact the system’s performance.

6. Check For Unusual Noises Or Smells

Pay attention to any unusual sounds or smells from your HVAC system. Strange noises, such as grinding, squealing or banging, may indicate a mechanical problem. You must address unpleasant odors, like burning or musty smells, which can signal other issues.

7. Review Recent AC Maintenance Or Repairs

If you have recently had maintenance or repairs performed on your HVAC system, check if any components were touched or adjusted. Sometimes, a simple oversight or an accidental adjustment can cause issues, so review any recent work to rule out such possibilities.

Remember, while these tips can help troubleshoot some common HVAC problems, it is always best to contact a professional HVAC technician for complex issues or if you need clarification on performing any checks yourself.

Seeking College Station AC Repair

If you have attempted to resolve your cooling system problem and have yet to notice improvement, you may need help from an AC repair service. For our customers in the College Station area who need a tune-up or professional AC installation, we have you covered at Barker’s Heating & Cooling. Reach out today to schedule your service!

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