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Residential VS. Commercial AC Units

March 22, 2022 | Blog

If you’ve recently bought a business and find yourself needing any kind of AC repair or installation, you might be quick to disregard commercial AC units as just larger versions of the one you have at home.

In reality, though, there are a few key differences between commercial units and residential units that could leave you scratching your head when it comes time to schedule maintenance, repair or installation.

Look no further, because at Barker’s Heating and Cooling, we are experts in all things HVAC, and we’ve got the answers to all of your AC-related questions. Read below for some of the most easily identifiable differences between commercial and residential AC units.

What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Residential AC Units?

When considering the difference between commercial and residential AC units, we can start with the obvious one. Commercial units are used to cool much larger areas than the units we use at home, so they are much bigger.

They also must be sized in such a way that they can counteract the amount of heat that comes from a larger amount of people congregating in an area.

So what are some other ways that these two units vary?


Because of the wide variety of spaces that commercial units may be placed in, they are usually a lot more complex in design.

Residential units are manufactured as standalone units, and usually only consist of the outdoor unit, including the compressor, condenser coil and evaporator coil, plus your thermostat.

Commercial AC units are usually modular, meaning that they come in multiple parts, to accommodate the unique spaces they are heating or cooling.


While a residential AC unit is usually placed on the outside of the home near a wall, commercial units can be found in a swamp cooler or on the roof of a building.

The placement of a commercial unit in an easily accessible spot for technicians is crucial for repair and maintenance visits.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation and maintenance for residential units is usually much cheaper than commercial ones. This may not be a shock, but because of the cooling and heating power, precision and size that is required of commercial units, installation and maintenance must be done by professional technicians and can cost a chunk of change.

When you’re ready to install or repair your commercial AC unit, call Barker’s Heating and Cooling. We are commercial AC experts, and we install units in a variety of places including, but not limited to:

  • Strip malls
  • Restaurants and diners
  • Churches
  • Medical buildings
  • Salons

Call Barker’s Heating and Cooling Today!

If you’re ready to schedule the installation or repair of a residential or commercial AC unit, we have got you covered! We have proudly served College Station and the surrounding area for years and we would be happy to answer any HVAC-related questions you may have as well as walk you through any of the services we provide.

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