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Quick Fix For A Leaking Pipe

Whether you notice a puddle of water under the sink or see a growing stain on your ceiling, a leaking pipe is never a good sign. A pipe leak should always be permanently fixed by a plumber, but in emergencies, you may need a temporary fix.

We’ve dealt with countless plumbing emergencies at Barker’s Heating & Cooling. Our team of plumbers based in College Station is here to tell you how to fix a leaking pipe. Don’t drown in your worries — tackle any home leak repair with these quick solutions!

What Type Of Pipe Is Leaking?

Before you perform any repairs, you’ll need to identify the material the pipe is made of. Most home water supply lines are made of copper or galvanized steel. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes may be used for drain lines or home irrigation systems, and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipes are often used to supply hot and cold water to faucets.

Other household pipes may be made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), which is typically used to supply hot and cold water. Drain-waste-vent (DWV) pipes typically dispose of wastewater. It can be helpful to look up pictures of each of these types of pipes so you can determine which material you’re working with.

How To Temporarily Fix A Water Leak

When it comes to performing a home leak repair, there are a variety of solutions to choose from, some of which are more complicated than others. It’s always wise to keep repair materials on hand for emergency situations, particularly because pipe leaks often spring up out of nowhere. If you’re not sure where to locate the tools you need, check your local hardware store and ask an associate for recommendations.

1. Repair Putty

A common fix for pipe leaks is epoxy putty. Typically, putties come with two separate materials that you mold together to form a solid, malleable putty. Shut off your home’s water supply and gently sand and dry the area around the leak. Then, place the putty over the leak and hold it in place while it dries, removing any extra material.

2. Pipe Casts

One form of temporary pipe patch is a cast. These casts typically include an epoxy putty to seal the leak and a water-activated resin to harden the cast. Before applying a cast, make sure to shut off the water supply and dry the affected area, scuffing it with sandpaper to ensure adhesion.

To fix the leak, knead the epoxy putty, and place it over the crack, covering the leak entirely to ensure maximum coverage. Then, mix the resin with water and saturate the cast in the mixture, placing the cast around the epoxy. Cover the cast with the bandage until the resin has fully set.

3. Pipe Wrap Tape

Another way to patch a leak is with pipe wrap tape. This option can sometimes be used in emergencies when there is no time to shut off the water supply. Wrap the tape around the leak and layer it as needed until no water escapes, making sure that the tape overlaps itself, forming an airtight seal.

4. Pipe Clamp

If the pipe leak runs lengthwise along the piping, consider using a pipe clamp to remedy the leak. This metal device is placed around the pipe and secured with bolts. You’ll need to attach a rubber seal to the leak before attaching the clamp to ensure no water escapes.

If the clamp is not screwed on tightly enough, you may find that water will continue to escape from the boundaries of the clamp. In this case, remove the clamp and repeat the prior steps, effectively sealing the crack and clamping the device onto the pipe.

No matter which method you use, remember to reach out to our team for permanent plumbing solutions.

Staying Dry In College Station

Leaks can be messy and hard to deal with, especially if you don’t have plumbing experience. Luckily, Barker’s Heating & Cooling can help with any plumbing needs, from a leak in water line connections to toilet troubles. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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