5 Ways to Save Energy this Fall

This fall and winter, you may want to ask yourself if you’re doing everything possible to maintain an energy-efficient home. Keep in mind that it all starts with the heating system itself.

1. Requesting a Heating Tune-Up

Packaged systems and heat pumps can run more efficiently with annual maintenance. This is what we at Barker's Heating & Cooling offer the residents of College Station, TX. For the tune-up, we can tighten electrical connections, calibrate the thermostat, inspect valves, and clean every component from the coils to the burners. Reach out to Barker's Heating & Cooling to schedule a tune-up service and start saving energy.

2. Sealing Cracks

A heating system may operate just fine, but you want the warm air to stay in your home. Sealing the cracks in your attic, doors, and windows are one of the most cost-effective ways to prepare for the heating season. Caulking, foam tape, and spray foam sealants are available and are easy to obtain.

3. Adding Insulation

Chances are high that your home could do with more insulation, especially in the attic. Once the attic is sealed, you can add more of the same insulation or make an upgrade if the current insulation suffers from a low R-value. Insulation will help your home retain more of its warm air.

4. Programming the Thermostat

Keeping the thermostat at the same temperature will do no favors to your wallet, so consider reducing the temperature before going to bed or heading out shopping. The mid- or upper-60s would be ideal. Turning off the thermostat entirely is not recommended.

5. Using Space Heaters

If you only need one or two spaces heated, then these will fit the bill. However, space heaters should be used sparingly because having multiple heaters running is not efficient.

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