Why Is My Heater Leaking Water?

It’s that time of year when you and your family will be using the heater more than before. Some heaters, if left unused for a period of time, might have some water leakage. What could be causing this leak? Below are the top four reasons why your heater is leaking water.

1. Condensation

Condensation occurs when heat meets cold air, and this could be the cause of your furnace leak. When two temperatures meet at once through your furnace, some water may be produced, and this is usually funneled out through your pipes. Sometimes it goes down the floor drain. If and when these pipes or drains get clogged or broken, the remaining condensation will collect at the bottom of the furnace. It is important to remove any pools of water you find immediately to avoid water damage to your home and call a repair service right away.

2. Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

The temperature and pressure relief valve monitors the tank’s water temperature and pressure. When there is an excess of pressure or heat in the tank, this valve controls the draining of it. If there is water leaking from this valve area, the temperature and pressure relief valve may be the issue. You might simply need to replace it with a new valve. Call a professional to get a consultation and repair.

3. Water Tank

The water tank collects sediment over time. This builds up at the bottom of the tank over the years, causing damage. Sometimes corrosion occurs and a leak might occur. If your water tank is very old and has deteriorated over time, consider replacing it.

4. Heater Drain Valve

Another valve that might be causing problems to your heater is the drain valve. Check and see if the water trail is coming from this valve. If so, be sure to call a professional to confirm the issue and repair it immediately.

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