What You Can Expect From an HVAC Tune-Up

Your heating and cooling system needs preventative maintenance on an annual basis. Proper maintenance keeps the equipment operating safely and efficiently. Some of the most important tasks that are completed during an HVAC tune-up include cleaning various components, tightening electrical connections, lubricating moving parts and inspecting the entire system. Barker's Heating & Cooling uses high-quality equipment and materials when performing maintenance for clients in College Station, TX. To ensure peace of mind, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Cleaning the Components

Important components of your HVAC system such as the condenser coil, heat exchanger and burners become dirty over the course of a year. This dirt inside the system can cause it to run less efficiently and increase the likelihood of experiencing problems. A professional will clean the HVAC unit’s internal mechanism to ensure the system operates at peak efficiency and reduce the need for repair.

Tightening Loose Electrical Connections

Loose or damaged electrical connections are a safety hazard. A technician will inspect your electrical connections to ensure wires aren’t frayed or corroded, and we’ll tighten any loose connections.

Lubricating Moving Parts

The moving parts inside your HVAC unit need to be properly lubricated in order for the system to run efficiently. When they become dry, the equipment is more likely to break down. To help prevent expensive repairs, a professional will lubricate moving parts during maintenance.

A Thorough Inspection of the Entire System

It’s important to have an expert thoroughly examine your HVAC system for potential problems and safety concerns. Our inspection includes the outdoor components as well as those indoors. We’ll also check your home for carbon monoxide and gas leaks.

Barker's Heating & Cooling is a dependable heating and cooling company serving the College Station area. We opened our doors in 1974 with the notion of putting customers first. In addition to HVAC maintenance, we also handle installations and perform repairs on all makes and models. You can also rely on us for ductwork modifications and whole-house temperature zoning. If you’re in need of our services, call us today.