The 3 Biggest Heating System Myths

Saving money by reducing energy costs in the home is an important goal. Heating system usage is a big component of these costs, and finding ways to lessen the actual running of your heating system is the best way to accomplish savings. However, there are many misconceptions on just what methods really work. At Barker's Heating & Cooling in College Station, TX, we want you to know the truth about some of these heating myths.

1. You Should Keep a Constant Temperature

Lowering the thermostat in your home during times you are away will lower your heat costs. The Environmental Protection Agency states that you can save as much as 10 percent a year on energy costs by turning down the thermostat 10 degrees for any eight-hour or longer time period.

2. Maintenance Is Unnecessary

Regularly conducted maintenance performed annually will save you money in the long run. Most maintenance plans include system checks, tune-ups, certain parts replacements and sometimes energy audits. For a low annual fee, you can save money avoiding expensive repairs. And many times maintenance is required to fulfill a manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Setting a Higher Temperature Will Heat Your Home Faster

Your heating system will work at the same rate to raise the temperature regardless of the thermostat setting. If you set the thermostat 10 degrees higher and then turn it back down after the temperature increases two degrees, the system will have used the same amount of energy as when you set the thermostat two degrees higher in the beginning.

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