Will Air Conditioning Remove Humidity?

August 15, 2018

The humidity in east-central Texas can get quite uncomfortable during the summer. One way to get some relief from the humidity is with your air conditioner. Yes, an AC can remove humidity from your home, but there is a little more to it than that. Here is what you should know. How Air Conditioners Remove Humidity Your AC does more than just blow cool conditioned air into your home. True, it’s certainly doing that, but while doing that your AC is also removing the warmer air and the humidity along with it. When warm air flows over the evaporator coils of an AC, the result is condensation. The condensation is then collected and pushed out of the system. That process removes moisture from the air, thereby lowering the overall humidity. However, not all AC units do a great job of removing humidity. If the humidity is too high, then the AC will fight a losing battle. The size and efficiency of your AC also plays a role in how much humidity it can remove. Why You Should Remove Excess Humidity Humidity in the home can create serious discomfort. More than that, the humidity can also aid in the development of...

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