5 Common AC Issues

July 16, 2018

Air conditioning is an essential component for your home’s comfort all year round. While proper maintenance will help keep your AC at optimal performance, it is also essential to be aware of the most common AC issues that you might face. 1. Unexpected Shutdowns You air AC may shutdown unpredictably when the thermostat’s batteries die off. However, it is easy to remedy the issue by simply replacing the batteries. If the batteries are still in good condition, ensure that the thermostat is set to “cooling” mode. Also, you can adjust the temperature range depending on the ambient weather conditions. Unexpected AC shutdowns also come about due to problems with the circuit breaker. If the thermostat and temperature settings are in order, turn on the circuit breaker. 2. Poor Cooling Your living space temperature may be high even with the AC running, and the culprit, in this case, is an inefficient air filter. The filter is susceptible to dirt buildup and fails to cool the air properly. If your thermostat is properly configured but results in uneven air-cooling, bring in air conditioning experts from Barker’s Heating and Cooling to replace the air filter. 3. Uneven Air Cooling Temperature fluctuations are common,...

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