Know Your HVAC Components and How They Work

As a home or business owner here in the Brazos Valley, you know the importance of heat and air. However, you probably give little thought to your system unless you have a good reason to. The best way to make decisions regarding what service you need is to learn about your HVAC system and how it works.


The thermostat controls your system; it allows you to set the temperature and turn the unit on and off. Basic thermostats have manual switches for off, on, and auto, which is where the system turns off and on automatically to maintain the temperature. Programmable thermostats can be set to automatically change the temperature for different times of day, switching to a more cost-efficient setting while everyone is asleep or away.


As the largest part of the system, the furnace takes up a lot of space. It is typically located in a cellar, basement, or garage. The heat exchanger pulls in cool air to be heated and distributed throughout your home or building using combustion, solar energy, a heat pump, or electric resistance.


Three parts work together to cool your property:

  • Evaporative coil
  • Condensing unit
  • Refrigerant lines

The evaporative coil is connected to the outside of the furnace, and the condensing unit is located outside the building. Refrigerant lines carry the refrigerant in the form of a gas to the condensing unit. It then carries the now liquid refrigerant to the coil.

Ductwork and Vents

The ductwork and vents are responsible for airflow. A series of ducts located in the walls or ceiling carry the air. Vents are covered outlets located throughout the building.

Now that you have basic knowledge about HVAC systems, you can understand the importance of choosing the right company for installation and repairs. Barker's Heating & Cooling has the experience to help you with all of your HVAC needs. We are available 24/7 for emergency repairs as well. We also offer new construction and whole-home temperature zoning. Contact Barker's Heating & Cooling for more information today, and let us help you beat the summer heat or winter chill here in the Brazos Valley.