Is HVAC Different Than Air Conditioning?

When it comes to keeping the interior temperatures of your home comfortable, there are different ways to do it. HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation and air conditioning while AC simply means air conditioning.

Often, the two terms are used interchangeably, but there are slight differences. HVAC systems are complete home-comfort units that keep the interior temperatures of your home or business comfortable year-round. An AC system, on the other hand, only provides cooling. Different systems are available. Here at Barker's Heating & Cooling in College Station, we wanted to share a few details about HVAC and AC systems.

The Benefits of Central HVAC Systems

Central HVAC units cover everything. If you get one of these systems, then it will heat and cool your home using a series of vents and ducts. Since the unit uses your home’s venting system, every room will receive its own heat, ventilation and air conditioning.

This type of system is best for standard homes, commercial areas and large buildings. When you have a central air conditioning system, the unit will operate silently and efficiently, keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. While a central HVAC system is the biggest investment, it is also the one that will give you the most comfort. Since we both service and sell HVAC systems, we can help you choose an HVAC unit for your home.

The Details About Mini-Split Ductless Systems

Designed for smaller spaces like offices and one-bedroom apartments, mini-split systems, which are also referred to as ductless air conditioning systems, are great for areas that lack ductwork. You’ll install this type of indoor unit on a wall where it will operate in conjunction with an exterior compressor. Ductless heat pumps are another option for heating and cooling your home or work area. Our services include AC installation, so contact us if you need help selecting a unit.

When to Get a Window AC Unit

Window AC units are ideal for areas in which a mini-split system would be too much. Recommended for areas like garages or studios, window AC units only deliver air conditioning. Of the three systems available, a window AC will be the most affordable.

Let the Professionals Help You Decide

If you’re facing the decision of choosing a temperature-controlling system for your home or office, then let the professionals help you decide. We provide AC and heating maintenance, installation and repair. We work in new construction and complete ductwork modifications. We can help you pick the right unit for your space. Contact us today for more information about our products.