Common Thermostat Issues

The Top 4 Thermostat Issues

Thermostats are designed to control the internal temperature in each room of your home. Once issues begin to develop, however, your comfort will suffer. Here are a few of the most common thermostat issues homeowners are most likely to encounter.

1. Inaccurate Temperature Readings

Your furnace may fail to kick on when the temperature drops, or it may even turn on at the wrong time of the day when the interior setting is already warm. Inaccurate temperature readings can occur, and these are often caused by the thermostat being installed in a bad area of the home. Consider having the device moved to a hallway where it’s not too close to the fireplace, oven or furnace.

2. Heat Anticipator Problems

Heat anticipators are responsible for telling the device when it’s time to turn off the furnace burners. If it’s not operating correctly, it can cause the heater to turn on and off infrequently throughout the day and night. The heat anticipator may need to be adjusted, but digital and programmable thermostats can operate more efficiently. Drafts that are present near the thermostat can also contribute to the issue.

3. A Loss in the Connection

Loose connections and disconnections can make the thermostat work correctly. It’s important to hire a technician from a company like Barker's Heating & Cooling to tighten or replace the wires to get it back in working order.

4. Sudden System Failure

The thermostat can stop working suddenly due to dust and debris that hasn’t been cleaned off. Gently clean the interior components, which includes the bimetallic coil and the switch contact surfaces. You can use a soft brush or condensed air to remove the grime while avoiding damage to the parts.

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