Air Purifiers vs Plants

Kitchen Table with Plant The debate between using air purifiers and relying on plants to clean your air has been going on for a while now—and it is unlikely to end anytime soon. The closer you look at the arguments, the easier it is to see that both options serve a purpose that is valuable in the modern home.

Air purifiers can remove particulates from the air in ways that houseplants cannot. Plants, on the other hand, offer an improvement to your living space that an air purifier is never going to match. It is worth considering the benefits of each before you decide to throw out one over the other.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are extremely effective at removing particulates from the air. You may not realize this, but the air in your home and workplace is most likely filled with air pollution, maybe even more than are inside your home. Buildings without filtration systems tend to concentrate pollutants. Air purifiers are designed to remove these from the air and are extremely effective at doing so—especially when you use a HEPA filter.

A high-quality air purifier can clean the air in a room fairly quickly, which is why it can be beneficial to purchase one that is recommended by professionals you trust.

Benefits of Houseplants

Of course, the fanciest air purifier still looks like a nice appliance. It has nothing on a well-cared-for houseplant. Even if houseplants didn’t clean the air at all, they would still be a warm and welcome addition to the home. Fortunately, they also work to clean the air that surrounds them.

Studies have shown that houseplants can process quite a large amount of pollutants in the air. Some are better than it than others, but generally, they improve air quality. The issue with houseplants that you need to be aware of is that they rarely have the opportunity to really clean the air in a room. In most cases, the air in your home will be completely replaced by the air outside at least once a day. That does not give houseplants enough time to clean the air very well.

Every House Can Benefit from Both an Air Purifier and Houseplants

In the end, your home and office can benefit from having an air purifier and houseplants. There are plenty of reasons to include both for health and the atmosphere.

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