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Sources of Air Pollution In Your Home

We know you have healthy home habits, but air contaminants are masters of sneaking into your home. You may be surprised about what exactly lowers your indoor air quality! Plus, if you’re unaware of the causes of air pollution in your home, how can you hope to fight them?

With Barker’s Heating & Cooling on your side, you have the most powerful shield of all — knowledge. Our comprehensive College Station indoor air quality testing can give you the answers you need about what’s in your air, but don’t you want to know where they’re coming from?


You may use your appliances every day without a second thought, but do you know what they are producing when they run? Gas-powered appliances have to burn fuel to run, which means there is always a byproduct produced, like carbon monoxide. If you don’t know if your appliances are gas or electric-powered, it’s time to find out. Check our these systems:

  • Water Heater
  • Furnace
  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Fireplace
  • Grill
  • Dryer

If you have any gas appliances, you should be diligent about your indoor air quality. Devices like carbon monoxide detectors can help you keep your air quality safe for all your family members.

Cleaning Products

Even cleaning has its dangers, believe it or not! Many of the name-brand cleaning wipes and sprays contain harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). If you want to be absolutely sure that your air is as clean as possible, you should consider using other products. We recommend unscented products or even finding brands that use all-natural ingredients.

Note: Even air fresheners and candles can release particles into your air!

Biological Hosts

The presence of any living plant or animal in or around your home almost guarantees you have some kind of biological contaminants in your air. Pets release dander, or dead skin, as much as they shed fur. Even the pests you don’t see in your home can leave behind fur, skin and excrement that travels through your air. Plus, pollens can enter your home quite easily and stick to your furniture or carpets.

Even currently living things pose a risk such as mold spores, viruses and bacteria that come in on you after a day at work, school or out in public! If allowed to spread throughout your air, your family could be affected by illness or be haunted by an unidentified mold colony.


You may pride yourself on being a pesticide or insecticide-free home, but your shoes tell a different story. While the trace amounts of the dangerous chemicals might not pose a huge threat to your air, consistent contact with pesticides in the dirt outside your home or other public places can be brought inside and linger on all kinds of surfaces.

Outdoor Air

Last but not least, the great outdoors! Whatever is happening in the air outside your home is guaranteed to affect the indoor air quality. Seasonal allergies, humidity and dust are just a few that plague our Texas homes regularly. Pay attention to the forecasts for pollens and molds as well as humidity levels if you want to prepare for the air quality in your home.

Professional IAQ Solutions

The bad news is we can’t change the climate outside or stop air pollution in your home entirely, but we can use technology and the most cutting-edge IAQ solutions to make your home safe again. Barker’s Heating & Cooling would be happy to identify the contaminants causing you trouble and recommend the best solution for your home. Give us a call today to start breathing cleaner, clearer air!

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