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4 Ways To Keep Allergens From Invading Your Home

No matter what time of the year it is, Texas sends us the curse of allergies. With plants and pollen in the air all year round, it’s important to have a plan in place to shield our homes from those tiny, sneeze-causing invaders. If you want to keep indoor allergies outside, you’re in the right place.

Barker’s Heating & Cooling provides the best College Station indoor air quality services for our community. When you need the best air purifier or natural air detoxification, our team can help you. Luckily, we have several tried and true solutions to reduce the effect of allergens in your home!

1. Cleaning Habits

The first thing you should accept is that allergens will make it into your home no matter what you do. No home is sealed tight enough to prevent outside air from entering the home. The key is limiting how long allergens stay in your home before being removed. One of the easiest ways to reduce allergens and symptoms is by creating diligent cleaning habits.

Although your home is probably clean, air particles have a way of sticking to furniture, carpets and rugs. If they are caught in these materials, they can be released into your air every time you walk or sit in your home. The solution is vacuuming frequently. If you have pets and children it’s even more important to complete this step as kids spend more time on the ground at the level of the allergens.

Cleaning Products

Another thing to note is that many cleaning sprays and wipes that you use to clean smooth surfaces actually release VOCs and other harmful chemicals into the air. If you want to clean safely, consider switching to all-natural or unscented products!

2. Ventilation

A huge part of your AC and air circulation system is ventilation! Once the allergens get into your home, you need to have powerful measures to make them leave. Make sure you use your vents and that all your vents are operational. This includes kitchen vents when cooking, bathroom vents when creating steam and even your attic vents to expel air. Here in Texas, it’s not an option for us to open our windows or doors to promote good airflow. In fact, open doors or windows will probably let in more allergens than it lets out the air!

3. Natural Detoxification

Before you submit to those irritating allergy symptoms every year, you should consider using nature to fight nature. There are several kinds of plants that are known to detoxify the air naturally. When the harmful air particles come in contact with these plants, they are absorbed into the leaves during photosynthesis and turned into food. The plants then release oxygen as part of this process, boosting your clean air levels even more! While this solution may not make a huge impact on the full volume of air in your home, it certainly doesn’t hurt when allergy season comes knocking.

4. Whole-Home Air Filtration

If none of these DIY indoor air quality solutions help you or you need a more comprehensive option, you need to talk to the pros. An expert team of air specialists will be able to test your air for contaminants and provide an effective solution. We even provide whole-home filtration system installations. If your AC filter can’t handle the load of allergies, you can count on a specialized filter installed straight to your unit. Every second that air is flowing to your home will be protected by the filter. What more could you ask for?

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Barker’s Heating & Cooling is your team of skilled, friendly AC professionals. We care about every part of your air system, and we want to help you feel comfortable in your own home again. Don’t put this off until the next round of allergies hits you. Contact our team today!

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