How Activated Carbon Filtration Improves Your Indoor Air Quality

The air that you breathe can have a significant impact on your overall health. Since you spend a lot of time within the walls of your unique home, it’s essential to keep your indoor air as clean as possible. Barker's Heating & Cooling in College Station wants you to know and to understand the ins and outs of activated carbon filtration for improving your indoor air quality.

Although particulate filters, such as HEPA filters, can capture much of the dust and dirt that resides in the air, these filters can do nothing to help the air in your home smell better. Fortunately, an activated carbon filter from Barker's Heating & Cooling in College Station can leave your air smelling clean and fresh while removing small particulate matter that even HEPA filters can’t capture.

It’s All About Size

Activated carbon is created by burning materials such as bamboo or wood and then treating the resulting carbon with steam. The steam treatment results in the creation of countless tiny pores on the surface of each individual piece of carbon. These pores increase the surface area of the carbon, which makes it effective at absorbing small particles.

This process is called adsorption because rather than trapping the small particles using force, the particles are attracted to the pores due to a chemical reaction. Therefore, the size of particles that can be captured by activated carbon is far smaller than any other type of filter mechanism. This means that even the particles that cause foul odors can be trapped by the carbon, resulting in better-smelling air.

Works in Conjunction With Other Filters

While activated carbon works well to capture small particles, it struggles to detain larger particles. This is because the pores in the carbon aren’t large enough to attract and to hold larger, visible particles. Therefore, to create a total clean-air solution, it’s important to use an activated carbon filter from Barker's Heating & Cooling in conjunction with one or more other filters.

Often, activated carbon filters are paired with HEPA filters to create a highly effective air-cleaning solution. Sometimes, the carbon is embedded in the HEPA filter itself whereas other solutions feature separate filter cartridges. An additional filter, called a UV filter, can be added to an air purifier to remove germs from the air, ensuring you’re breathing high-quality air at all times.

What Does It Remove?

When it comes to keeping your air clean and healthy, an activated carbon filter from Barker's Heating & Cooling does more than remove foul odors. While this is certainly part of the capabilities of an activated carbon filter, its more important role is to remove substances called volatile organic compounds that can harm your health if they are present in high concentrations.

Volatile organic compounds are released from all types of items around your home, including new furniture, paint, adhesives, cigarette smoke, plastic, and more. The chemicals that these items release include benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene, among others.

These chemicals can cause respiratory illnesses, cancer, and other serious illnesses and diseases that can be life-altering. Fortunately, a good activated carbon filter will successfully capture these substances so that your home is a safe place to breathe. You can also add some indoor plants to help remove volatile organic compounds from the air in your home with the added benefit that plants release oxygen during photosynthesis.

Maintaining Airflow

Another benefit of activated carbon filters is that the filter media doesn’t have to be packed tightly in order to be effective. Since pollutants are chemically attracted to the pores in the carbon, the media can be distributed so that the air from your HVAC system or standalone filter can flow through easily. This will help to increase the rate at which air flows through the filter, allowing the air in a single room or throughout your home to turn over more quickly.

We Care About Your Family’s Health

At Barker's Heating & Cooling, we want your family to be able to live happy and healthy lives. That’s why we offer devices such as activated carbon filters, which are proven to improve the quality of your air. We also want your family to stay comfortable, which is why we offer complete repair, maintenance, and installation services for air conditioners and furnaces. We can also modify your home’s ductwork to ensure that you stay comfortable without overworking your HVAC system.

We have been serving this area for over 45 years, building up a wealth of experience and trust that allows us to serve our customers well. This has earned us accreditation with the Better Business Bureau as well as innumerable five-star reviews from our customers. If you want to breathe easier while you’re at home, contact us at Barker's Heating & Cooling today. We look forward to discussing the ways we can assist with your home climate comfort.