3 Ways to Lower Heating and Cooling Costs Through Energy Efficiency

You don’t have to take the drastic step of keeping your house in College Station, TX, so cold in the winter that you need a jacket inside, or so hot in the summer that you have to wear swimwear indoors in order to lower your energy costs. Increasing the efficiency of your home and heating or cooling equipment will naturally reduce the amount of energy used. It directly translates to lower operational costs.

1. Add More Insulation

Insulation in the walls and attic area of your home help the interior maintain the warm or cool air that your heating and cooling system generates. Your bills are driven higher without having good R-factor insulation, as this doesn’t allow your air conditioning and heating system to provide an efficient, comfortable temperature. You can have your insulation R-factor tested if you suspect that you’re losing heating or cooling through the roof or walls.

2. Replace Leaky Windows and Doors

Ill-fitting, damaged, and leaking doors or windows allow the free-flow of outside air into the interior of your house. It dilutes the temperature your air conditioner or heater has worked hard to attain. Serious leaks also let the cooled or heated air escape the home, costing you tons of money each year. Replace loose, leaking, or damaged doors and windows. You can also add caulk or weatherstripping to better increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling.

3. Keep Your Heating and Cooling Equipment Maintained

Whether you use a heat pump, HVAC, furnace, or window air conditioner, all of these pieces of equipment need to be maintained and serviced regularly to run efficiently. Have your heating and cooling system annually inspected, cleaned, and repaired promptly. Your air filter should be changed every six months or when the major seasonal changes happen.

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